Bidex 900 Central Heating Kickspace Kitchen Plinth Heater – White Grill

Bidex 900 Central Heating Kickspace Kitchen Plinth Heater - White Grill


About this item

  • DT50 Heatoutput Normal 1.867KW 6370 (BTU) Boost 2.077KW 7078( BTU)
  • Dimensions: Width 405 mm, Height 90mm, Depth 350mm
  • 2 year Guarantee
  • Max working pressure 10bar (1MPa)
  • Electrical supply 220-240V – 50Hz

Product description

The Bidex 900 plinth heater is a high quality heating solution for Larger kitchens, giving off enough heat to warm a 40m­­­ square room Using the space under the cupboards instead of taking up precious wall area, it frees up more space to maximize your kitchen work area Connecting directly to the central heating system and fitting tidily in the plinth space under a unit or cupboard, heat is blown through a heat exchanger into the room by a low noise 2 speed fan. The fan convector automatically switches on and off with the central heating system and because it runs off the central heating system, it is much cheaper to run than electric only heaters.

The Bidex plinth heater is a very easy to install and use. The unit switches itself on and off automatically when your central heating system comes on and switches off. Inside the unit is a temperature switch which when the central heating comes on and the hot water starts to circulate round the pipes, it senses the hot water and switches the fan on automatically. When the central heating is switched off or the house thermostat switches off the heating, the water in the pipes cools down and so the fan switches off. There is no need to switch this unit on and off manually. If you need more heat all you do is switch the fan to boost which will push more hot air into the room. There is also a manual override switch which allows you to switch the fan off if you do not require it.

2 x 700mm long 15mm flexible hoses with isolating valves
Grill Screw fixing kit
Instruction Manual
DT50 Heatoutput Normal 1.867KW 6370 (BTU) Boost 2.077KW 7078(BTU)
Max working pressure 10bar (1MPa)
Water connections 15mm compression
Dimensions: Width 405 mm, Height 90mm, Depth 350mm
Grill dimensions: Width 595mm x Height 100mm
Electrical supply 220-240V – 50Hz
Noise level testste in accordance with EN23741
2 year Guarantee

Weight: 7.42 kg
Dimensions: 63.6 x 41.4 x 14.4 cm; 7.42 Kilograms
Brand: Bidex
Model: HaNdife
Colour: White
Colour: White
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