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EPOMAKER EP84 84-Key RGB Hotswap Wired Mechanical

EPOMAKER EP84 84-Key RGB Hotswap Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with PBT Dye-subbed Keycaps for Mac/Win/Gamers (Gateron Yellow Switch

EPOMAKER EP84 84-Key RGB Hotswap Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with PBT Dye-subbed Keycaps for Mac/Win/Gamers (Gateron Yellow Switch, Grey Black)

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  • Hotswappable Gateron Switch. The EP84 keyboard is hot-swappable which is a rare feature among mechanical keyboards, this means you can easily change out your mechanical switches for a different type, without any soldering or effort. Want a different typing feel or sound? Simply change out the switches, and you can have a completely different tactile experience! This also extends the lifespan of the keyboard as you can easily switch out the components without throwing out the entire keyboard
  • 84 Keys Compact Mechanical Keyboard. The EPOMAKER EP84 houses 84-key which is one of the most sought after in the world of mechanical keyboards. Why? It houses a full set numbers, function keys, and arrows—all packed into a form factor that wastes not a smidge of space
  • Dye-subbed PBT Keycaps.We chose to go with a top-grade PBT thermal sublimation keycaps. It’s often considered as the top choice for keycap materials, even over ABS keycaps, as PBT is much more durable, oil-resistant (won’t get shiny over time like ABS), and stays true to color longer. Our keycaps are also abrasion-resistant, waterproof, and dust resistant to keep your keyboard lasting longer – even for the daily on-the-go lifestyle
  • Ergonomics and NKRO. The keycap form was developed for a more ergonomic and comfortable typing experience, with a smooth curvature that perfectly fits the shape of each finger. Meantime for the fastest typists, it’s N-key rollover too. This means that no matter how fast you type, your keyboard will register each press. Depending on your desired feel, we’ve got you covered in the switch department
  • 19 RGB Effects and 9 Single Color Available. The EP84 features RGB lighting with 19 effects and 9 single colors available. Simply connect the keyboard using the USB cable to access effects. Enjoy a more immersive and colorful typing and gaming experience

Weight: 930 g
Dimensions: 33.4 x 17.5 x 4.7 cm; 930 Grams
Colour: Grey Black
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: EPOMAKER
Colour: Grey Black
Reference: EPOMAKER EP84

Product Description

75% Compact EP84 Mechanical Keyboard

ep84 rgbrgb lightPBT OEMoem profilecable way

FN + Win: Win Lock

FN + PrtSc: Scroll

FN + Del: Insert

FN + \|: Shut down the backlight

FN + \| (Long press for 3 seconds): Reset the keyboard to default setting

FN + A: Windows mode (default settings)

FN + S: MacOS mode (Left Win→Alt/Left Alt→Win, Right Alt→Win/Right Ctrl→Alt ), F1~F12

multimedia function stays the same as MAC system’s original setting

Package content:

1.Epomaker EP84

2.Epomaker EP84 Manual

3.USB A to USB C Braided

Cable (1.5m / 4.9ft)

4.Keycap and Switch Puller

Keyboard Specifications

Dimension: 319.4mmm * 132.7mm * 37.3mm

Net Weight: 860g ± 10g

Cable Length: 150cm ± 2cm

Keycap: PBT Double Shot

Button Number: 84

Back Light: 16.8 million RGB

Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/Win7/8/10, Mac etc

Connection: Type-C USB detachable, plug and play

Switch: Gateron (Hot swappable)

Working Voltage: 5V ≤ 500mA

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