Filitxs Waterproof transparent curtains,PVC heavy

Filitxs Waterproof transparent curtains

Filitxs Waterproof transparent curtains,PVC heavy duty tarpaulin side panels,outdoor curtains,partition curtains,with zip doors,for rattan frames,workshops,balconies,WxH-3.8×2.5m/12.5×8.2f

  • The outdoor tarpaulin curtain consists of a stable PVC-coated tarpaulin (grey part) and a transparent plastic tarpaulin (transparent) double-layered patchwork; with a thickness of approx. The thickness is about 0.3mm, 400g/㎡, it will provide you with maximum privacy outdoors.
  • The material is soft and sturdy, waterproof, sun, frost and UV resistant, tear resistant, with 2 zips and a maximum distance of 1m (adjust the distance according to the width of the tarp). The middle tarp can be rolled up when unfolded, making it very easy to get in and out.
  • The transparent tarpaulin has a light transmission rate of 99.99% and will not block your view; it can easily cope with all kinds of bad weather, effectively isolating the wind, rain, snow and dust, keeping the interior warm and clean, providing you with a more comfortable indoor and outdoor space.
  • With eyelets on the top and sides, it is easy to install and remove and also holds the tarp firmly in place; ideal for pergolas, decks, balconies, porches, gazebos, garages, gardens and more.
  • In addition to our existing tarp sizes, we also support custom sizes, colours, grommet spacing and placement, and number and location of zips, so please contact us by email first if you require a custom order.

High-quality sheer curtains effectively insulate the exterior elements and keep the interior warm, with optimum stability and resistance to tearing, in all conditions.
Sheer curtains are very easy to clean of dust, after wiping with a damp cloth, they dry naturally. Foldable, space-saving, easy to carry and store.

Product parameters:
Name: Outdoor curtain
Material: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Size: W x H
Process: Machine splicing
Thickness: 0.3mm
Weight: 400g/m²
Whether customisable: Yes
Transparency: 99.99%
Waterproof index: 100%
Packaging: 1 x transparent curtain

Product features:
High transparency, strong toughness, anti-tear
Environmentally friendly, anti-ageing, long-lasting and frost-resistant, sun-proof, strong waterproof
Easy to fold, easy to clean, easy to carry, easy to install and remove
Provides tensile strength and greater durability for long-term protection

Please understand that due to the heat sealed edges, the actual size will be slightly smaller than the specified size, this is normal.
Due to the brand new product and vacuum packaging method, the product will be received with creases and slight odour, hang in a ventilated place for 2-5 days and tap gently to restore the original state.

Brand: Filitxs
Model: 19021
Colour: Wxh
Colour: Wxh

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